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Marine Rescue

Where The Water Hits The Sand

We specialize in ocean and river rescue, and are one of the only departments in the area that train to the U.S. Coast Guard standards for Basic Search and Rescue.

One of the Melbourne Beach Volunteer Fire Department’s primary roles in keeping the community safe is providing water rescue services.  We respond to marine rescue calls throughout the southern half of Brevard County, and cross train with many of the other local agencies.  Our station is home to ATV-58, Marine-58, Marine-258, & Marine 358.

MBVFD’s 19ft Carolina Skiff was a critical addition to the Marine Rescue Unit for rapid response to any Intercoastal Waterway emergencies.

ATV-58 & Marine-258 were replaced in 2016 with donations made to MBVFD Inc.  The new equipment provides rapid response for all beach, ocean, and river emergencies.

Marine-358 was donated to the department by local business Water Safety Products Inc. in 2016.  Marine-358 allows us to have a back up vessel when we are operating in the ocean, as well as giving us another vessel to help with search and rescue operations.

2018 County Oceanic Rescue Statistics




Medical Aids


Drowning Deaths

All MBVFD members are given the opportunity and encouraged to be trained as part of our Marine Rescue Team. There are 4 positions available on the team, each with increasing levels of requirements and responsibilities.

Support Members

Support level members stay on land, and assist with shore communications, beach medical emergencies, setting up recovery zones, and patrolling the beach on our ATV.

Crew Members

Crew level members are trained to do all Support level functions, as well as provide manpower on Marine 58, and help launch / recover Marine 258 & 358.


Operators are trained to do all Crew and Support level functions, as well as operate all of our vessels & equipment, and enter the water to rescue while wearing a life jacket.


The highest level on our team is our Rescue Swimmers. They are trained as lifeguards, and can enter the water without a life-jacket for rapid access to a victim in the surf.

Think You Have What It Takes?

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