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58th Annual Children’s Christmas Parade

Every December since 1965, the volunteers of the Melbourne Beach Vol. Fire Dept. have hosted a Children’s Christmas Parade in Melbourne Beach.

The event has always been considered a small town parade, and it was once joked that it was the only parade that would pass by you twice due to the original route up and then back down Ocean Avenue. While the route has since changed, the spirit of the parade has not. Friends and neighbors all come out to line the new parade route down Oak Street, cheering on all of our communities children, floats, and emergency vehicles that enter the parade. Santa has also been known to make a guest appearance at the end of the parade. In addition, the annual Volunteer Firefighters Association All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfast is held at the Fire Station immediately after the parade. To register yourself or your group to enter the parade as a participant, please use the online registration link below.
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2022 Children’s Christmas Parade FAQs

What are the times that I need to know for this event?

  • The 2022 Children’s Christmas Parade will start at 9:00 am sharp, and usually lasts for approximately 1 hour.
  • The expedited check-in process to enter the parade will start at 8:30 am and must be complete by 8:45 am.

How much does this event cost to enter?

  • This event is FREE to enter or watch, and is funded 100% through donations made to the Melbourne Beach Volunteer Firefighters Association, our not-for-profit organization.

Who can enter the parade?

  • Any group or individual can enter the parade as long as the entry is family friendly and fits the intended theme, which is a small town holiday parade, with the emphasis being on children & families.

What are the rules for entering the parade?

  • Pre-Registration is requested for all entries into the parade.
  • All entries in the parade must be family friendly and fit the intended theme, which is a small town holiday parade, with the emphasis being on children & families.
    • As such the following are prohibited from entry into the parade:
      • Any entries that are used as political platform.
      • Any entries that are deemed to contain controversial or inappropriate subjects, themes, or messages.
      • Any entries that are used strictly to promote a business and that do not have a children’s holiday theme & decorations.
      • Any entries that have a live character dressed up as Santa. (Santa will already be in the parade)
  • Items such as candy or beads may be tossed from your float or display, but must be thrown out of the parade route to keep children from running into the road.
  • There must be an adult “wheel walker” on each side of all large vehicles, trailers, or floats in the parade for safety reasons.
  • We ask that you provide plenty of stopping distance from the group in front of you for safety reasons.


** The Parade Marshal has the final say on the line up, as well as whether or not an entry is deemed to meet the above criteria. The Parade Marshal, on behalf of the MBVFD, reserves the right to remove any entry from parade, at any time, for any reason. **

Do I need to pre-register to enter the parade?


  • Just like last year, pre-registration is requested to enter the parade.  The preferred method of registration is online at the link above.  If you have trouble registering at the link above, you can call Fire Chief Brown at (321)724-1736 ext.1 to register over the phone.
  • You will need to report to the registration table at 8:30 am on the day of the event to check-in.  The registration table will already have your completed pre-registration, saving you time when you check in.

What is the route for the parade?

  • The route this year will be the same as last year.  The parade will start at Advent Lutheran / Rock Harbor Church at 1805 Oak Street in Melbourne Beach.  It will proceed north up Oak Street to Ocean Avenue.  The parade will turn at Ocean Avenue and proceed west down Ocean Avenue and ends at the Melbourne Beach Pier.  There is a Map of the parade route available in the Documents Section below.
  • Historically, the route started at the Melbourne Beach Vol. Fire Station, and went down Ocean Avenue to the East.  The parade would then turn around at the Flag Pole at Ocean Park, and then come back down Ocean Avenue to the fire station.  This is why it was once joked that it was the only parade that would pass you by twice.  The route changed in 2018 due to FDOT regulations that made it nearly impossible to continue the original route.

Where can I watch the parade?

  • There are plenty of great spots to observe the parade along the new route.  Sidewalks line the East side of Oak street providing great viewing.  Additionally, all of the side streets will be blocked along the parade route, providing additional viewing areas for you to come out and support your block.  There is also great viewing along both sides of Ocean Avenue and from Ryckman Park.

What age group is this event appropriate for?

  • The Children’s Christmas Parade is fun and appropriate for all ages!

Can my group or entry lead the parade?

  • Unfortunately NO,  the parade is always led by a fire engine for safety, and then followed by the local Boy Scout troop carrying the American Flag.

Are there bathrooms on site?

  • Yes, there are bathrooms located in Ryckman Park that will be open for use during the Children’s Christmas Parade.

Will there be food at the event?

YES!  The Volunteer Firefighters Association will be holding their annual All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfast immediately following the parade.  For more details visit the Pancake Breakfast Event Page.

Is there a rain-out plan?

  • Yes, in the case of severe weather, the Children’s Christmas Parade will be rescheduled for a later date.  Check our website and/or our Facebook page at for current updates and information on our events.

Maps & Documents

2022 Parade Flyer

2022 Parade Information

2022 Parade Route