Training for the Melbourne Beach Fire Department is an aggressive process. Anyone wishing to become a firefighter for Melbourne Beach will have to complete several essential types of training starting off with Blood borne Pathogens training, Marine Rescue Ground Crew Training, and fire Department / apparatus familiarization.

Once that is completed, we will enroll you in Fire Fighter I, in order to get you to become a State Certified Firefighter. This training will include topics such as First Responder, which is the first level of Medical training, fire essentials, to learn the dynamics of how fire develops and spreads, and many other topics as well. Upon passing the course as well as the State Exam, he or she will be a State Certified Firefighter. This is still just the beginning of your training, as we have regular fire training every Tuesday night from 7:00 to 9:00.

These trainings are designed to help everyone on the fire department work together as a team and to keep everyone current in terms of their ability to serve as a firefighter. Tuesday night trainings consist mostly of hands on approach but it is also complimented by classroom sessions as well. Further education is always stressed in order to raise the standards and provide the highest level of service and protection to the town of Melbourne Beach through additional courses offered by national fire education, certification courses which can be classroom or on-line.

Our training program is both aggressive and gratifying. It is designed to challenge you both mentally and physically. The more realistic the training, the better you perform when the alarm sounds for an actual call. It also leads to a strong camaraderie, which is literally world-wide among firefighters.

Demonstration of MBVFD Agility Course


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