Support Team

Melbourne Beach Fire Department Support Team is a relatively new concept to the department. It is designed for people who wish to volunteer in the Fire Department, but do not necessarily want to be a fire fighter. Despite this fact, Support Team can be a very dynamic position within the fire department. We have support team members who participate in most of the regular fire trainings to learn how the fire fighters operate and the needs of fire fighters in terms of helping with equipment, traffic, rehab and general support of the fire fighters while on actual calls. You will become familiar with all of the gear and apparatus as well as the “What, How and Why” of fire fighting techniques, so that you can truly help out with actual fire and marine rescue calls, yet remain in the safe zone the entire time.

The opposite end of the spectrum for the Support Team are the members who wish to help out with the logistical efforts of the Fire Department in terms of either clerical efforts for the Fire Department Corporation, or assisting with the many extra functions that the Fire Department either runs or participates in such as the Christmas Parade, Christmas Eve Santa run, Easter, or our annual fund drive.

There is a place for literally everyone to help “pitch in” on the Melbourne Beach Volunteer Fire Department. Please feel free to contact us directly or even stop by and ask us how you can give back to your community with the rest of the volunteers at the Fire Department.



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