2018 MBVFD Inc. Haunted House

Every October, our volunteers put in over 200 combined hours of work in just 2 days to make this event happen.  Usually held on the Saturday before Halloween, we transform our fire engine bays into a scary maze that is fun for the whole family.  Come out and prepare to be scared!

The 2018 MBVFD Inc. Haunted House will be held on Saturday, October 20th from 5 pm-9 pm.  See you there!

Haunted House FAQs

This event is FREE and is funded 100% through donations made to MBVFD Inc., our not for profit organization.  Hamburgers, Hotdogs, and other Snacks will be available for “purchase” with a recommended small donation made to the MBVFD Inc.

The Haunted House will open at 5pm, and the last group though will be at 9pm.  Unfortunately the Town will not be hosting their usual Halloween Movie in the Park this year.

Kids are encouraged to wear their costumes to the event.  We ask that adults and teens do not wear any costumes to the event.

Our Haunted House is geared towards kids and adults ages 10+.  Younger children are admitted with a parent or guardian.  We usually try to do at least 1 “Not so Scary” run per hour, where the children are given glow-sticks, and where the characters will not jump out or try to scare you, they just stand there still as you walk though.  It is still a dark and foggy environment however, and it is up to the parent or guardian to decide if it is appropriate for their child.  The problems we normally see with children getting too scared or crying are when parents take their young children through a normal run instead of the “Not so Scary” run.

Unfortunately, this year the Town of Melbourne Beach will not be showing their usual Halloween Movie in the Park.  There are still other things to do however, because our Fire Station is located right next to Ryckman Park where there is playground equipment, a basketball court, benches & picnic tables, and a great view of the Indian River from the Melbourne Beach Pier.  We will also have Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and other snacks available for “purchase” with a small recommended donation to the MBVFD Inc.

Yes, we think so.  Our Haunted House is geared for ages 10+. With that being said, there are still a lot of adults and teens that wind up really liking it and getting scared their first time through.

Our haunted house is set up as a “No-Touch” zone, so the characters will not intentionally touch you. They will still jump out and grab at you, and if you bump into them, that is out of the actors control.  We also ask that none of the participants intentionally touch the actors as they go through the maze.

Unfortunately no, due to liability reasons, only active members of the Fire Dept. and those with special exemptions by the Fire Chief are allowed to be characters inside the Haunted House.

Yes, there are bathrooms located next to the fire station in Ryckman Park that will be open for use during the Haunted House.

Yes, we have dinner covered!  Firefighters from the MBVFD Inc. will be manning the grills and serving up fresh Hamburgers and Hot dogs.  We will also have drinks (bottled water, soda, gator-aide) and snacks (chips & popsicles).  All items will be available for “purchase” with a small recommended donation to the MBVFD Inc. (everything is typically under $5).  We also usually have a dinner combo available for $5 – $6 that includes 1 entree, 1 drink, and 1 bag of chips.

Yes, in the case of severe weather, the Haunted House will be rescheduled for a later date.  Check our website and/or our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/mbvfd for current updates and information on our events.

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