MBVFD Corporation

Melbourne Beach Volunteer Fire Department is made up of two organizations.

The first is the Town of Melbourne Beach Volunteer Fire Department.  All members of the department are volunteers who are considered non-compensated employees of the Town of Melbourne Beach and they report to Dave Micka, Fire Chief and Department Head of the Fire Department. The Fire Chief is responsible for maintaining a portion of the Town’s budget typically used for vehicle maintenance, firefighting equipment, training, and other fire department operating costs.

The Melbourne Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. is a non-profit corporation under section 501(c)(3) IRS code. The Corporation’s primary purpose is the recruitment and retainment of members, fund raising, fire prevention, community service and public relations. All members of the Fire Department are also members of the Corporation. The Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors who meet monthly.

MBVFD, Inc. Board of Directors

President  – Erik Sprauer
VP – Jeff Boos
Treasurer – Amber Garrity
Secretary – Kelly Rodano
Member at Large – Wyatt Tewksbury
Member at Large – Myles Tewksbury
Member at Large – Rob Knolmayer
Member at Large – Mike Moore


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