Annual Budget

Annual Budget Information

Residents and property owners of the Town of Melbourne Beach should know that the Fire Services for this great Town are managed and executed within a budget of around $200,000 per year. Compare that to the estimated costs of running the neighboring Fire Departments in our area:


Indialantic Fire Department $852,558
Satellite Beach Fire Department $2,099,834
City of Cocoa Beach Fire Department $3,241,490
Melbourne Beach Volunteer Fire Department $214,789


As you can see, this represents a tremendous savings to the tax payers in Melbourne Beach. The roughly $200,000 covers expenses like fire apparatus,  truck repairs, new fire equipment, fire hose, radios, and the cost for State Compliance for both equipment and member training levels.

The Melbourne Beach Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated is a separate 501(c)3 non for profit corporation whose primary responsibility is to fund raise for the Fire Department.  Often referred to as the “Fire Department Corporation”, we help with all activities related to fund raising. Many costs incurred are not covered under the Town’s Fire Dept budget such as:

Marine Rescue – new vessels, PFDs, marine radios, and marine equipment.

Training and Certifications – The MBVFD Inc. provides scholarship opportunities to members in good standing wishing to continue their education in the fire sciences or emergency medial fields.  This educational incentive helps members obtain various advanced certifications including Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Paramedic, Firefighter II, Fire Officer, and Fire Instructor.  Scholarship money is awarded based on years of service to the Fire Department.

Recruitment and Retainment – Members train at least once and sometimes twice a week as a Department. Following the trainings, the Corporation covers expenses for post training meals.  Also provided by the corporation is bottled water and electrolyte drinks to help keep the members hydrated while training or on emergency calls.

Public Relations – The Corporation also coordinates all activities throughout the year like Fire Prevention Week at the local schools, churches, and day care centers, as well as our annual Haunted House, Golf Tournament, the Christmas Parade, Santa visitations, Christmas Eve Santa Run, open houses and more.

All costs associated with these items are covered by the Corporation.

How do we raise money? The primary vehicle is through our annual fund drive. Our fund drive is a written letter requesting support to each resident and property owner in Melbourne Beach. This letter usually goes out around the November time frame.  At no time will anyone from this fire department call you on the phone and solicit money. We recently learned a group out of Merritt Island calls all residents in Brevard and claims to be raising money for the local town needs. This is fraudulent and untrue. None of the money raised by phone solicitations goes to the support of this Town’s fire services.  On average we get $18,000-$24,000 from generous residents. Thank you so much for the support. We also conduct an annual golf tournament in the fall.

Help Your Department Through Donations!

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Make Payable To: Melbourne Beach Volunteer Fire Department Inc. or MBVFD Inc.

Melbourne Beach Volunteer Fire Department
P.O. Box 510081
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

If you desire a receipt for tax purposes please indicate that with your donation, or call us at (321) 724-1736.


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